5 Easy Steps to Discovering Your Blogging Niche

Are you intent on bogging but aren’t sure about what? Do you feel like you haven’t yet discovered your passion? Is it possible that your purpose and passion are opposites? Which one is more important?

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past few months, you know that after careful consideration, I realized that it was time to focus more on my purpose.

My purpose is to help women with chronic illness to find their strength by sharing their story.

How did I come to this conclusion?

Here are 5 Easy Steps to help you discover your purpose:

Write down 3 major events that occurred in the past 5 years of your life. (Most likely events that are more recent have changed your outlook on life.)

Here are a few examples:
– Divorce/Breakups
– Health Crisis
– Other Tragedy
– New Job/Promotion
– Relocation/Adventure
– Newly discovered hobby

Reflect on how each one affected your:
– Daily routine
– Relationships
– Goals
– Outlook on life

Think about which one you TALK about the most.

How would you answer these questions:

– What advice would you give someone about this particular subject?

– How knowledgeable are you on giving the advice?

– Would you learn more in order to become an expert?

– What challenges do you think others face?

– What solution would you provide?

Write one sentence for each, explaining the value you would bring to your audience.

Which topic resonates more with you?

Did you notice what was NOT a factor?…MONEY.

And it shouldn’t be…

“But those who are determined to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many senseless and harmful desires that plunge men into destruction and ruin. For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love some have been led astray from the faith and have stabbed themselves all over with many pains. – 1 Timothy 6:9, 10

Too many times we get caught up in the end result and ignore the fundamental process:

Your passion will drive your purpose. Your purpose will lead to consistency. Consistency breeds branding. Branding translates to monetization.

Take the time to discover your purpose and your ideal audience then let the blogging begin.

Happy Blogging,
Q, The Sunshine Coach