Our Collaborative Marriage – Why It Works

But, I recently read an excerpt from a People Magazine interview of the Wade’s on their “collaborative marriage”. My first thought was ‘I still don’t like Gabrielle Union’; my next one was ‘Ha, I like the sound of that’.

I was impressed. Some of these reality TV shows portray celebrity marriages with husbands and wives as frustrated, confused, and restricted by their marriage. Probably because they fear losing their identity.

But it’s my experience that a collaborative marriage actually leads to happy, satisfied, confident, spouses.

Be the Cause of Your Life

Are you giving your power away? Have you reached a brick wall in your thought process, decision making or outlook on life? Do you feel like you’re in a whirlwind of consequences or effects beyond your control? I remember that feeling. I remember feeling bitter and resentful towards people who in my opinion made decisions …

Degrees of Separation

365 days and 180 degrees Though changing and ever growing I feel my pain still staring at me Refusing to disappear, just dissipating slowly Long days and late nights Encircling thoughts of anxiety I hold them at bay With an awareness of that path Once afraid and confused Tormented by the past Impatient with the …