A Self-Guided Course:How to Heal from Divorce.

Bounce Back and Embrace Your Power!

Heal the Past and Embrace the Future with Self Reflection and Videos specifically designed by a Certified Divorce Recovery Coach.

Hey, Divorcee’

Thoughts of life after divorce keeping you up at night?

Tired of feeling the emotional rollercoaster of anger, sadness, fear, guilt, or resentment?

You want to feel better, have clarity, hope, and peace.  But, you don’t even know where to begin.

So you’ve been Google searching every topic or phrase imaginable looking for tips on how to heal from Divorce.

You’ve might’ve thought about hiring a coach but the way your post-divorce funds are set up…that’s just not within your immediate future.

Here’s Someone Who Felt Just Like You…

Start Today!

Bounce Back Queen – A Self Guided Online Course

This Is What You Can Look Forward To:
Gain clarity about your Divorce Story and how to keep it from damaging future relationships. 
Overcome apprehension to changing environments with an emotional toolbox.
✅ Gain the tools to stop negative emotional patterns.
✅ Courageously move closer to feeling confident again.
✅ Live a life in harmony with your core values and be at peace with yourself and your relationships.

It’s time to Bounce Back, Queen. 

If you want to heal from divorce and move on but you just don’t know how…

Take this first courageous step and begin your journey.

Start Today and experience RESILIENCE at its best.

*Whether you’re divorced or not, the reflective questions, insights, and tips can help you be more resilient.

Take a sneak peek at what you’ll gain by Starting Today:

  • Welcome Kit and Goals Planning
  • 6 Modules with Video Introduction
  • 2 Bonus Modules with Guides
  • 18 Lesson Plans
  • Quick Breakthrough Videos
  • Supplemental Articles

Here’s What You’re Getting To Help You Heal from Divorce With Clarity and Empowerment…

Adapted from a six-week coaching program, you can now self-coach at your own pace. With videos, powerful opportunities for self-reflection and inspirational quotes, it’s designed to be completed in as little as 21 days or as long as you see fit.

Module 1 – Take Back Your Power

💜 How to give yourself permission to create your own future.

💜 Why embracing your power is so critical to stop self-sabotaging behavior and choose a different path.

💜 How to recognize that your perception is holding you back and what you must do to create a different reality.

Module 2 – Gracefully Accept Change

💜 How your moods and behaviors are a telltale sign of how well you’re adapting to a changing environment.

💜 Why old patterns of thought and behavior are triggered even more when you’re making changes in your life.

💜 What proven growth mindset strategy helps to tackle any problem in your life.

Module 3 – Find the Courage to Move Forward

💜 Identify exactly what is holding you back from feeling empowered.

💜 If there’s a connection between your younger self and current ways of thinking about Love, Money, and Health and what to do about it.

💜 How to use your imagination in positive ways to choose new empowering thoughts.

Module 4 – Manage the Emotional Rollercoaster

💜 How to stop being controlled by negative feelings.

💜 What you must absolutely do to keep negative feelings from robbing you of peace.

💜 How your perceptions influence behavior and what simple adjustments help you feel more empowered.

💜 The easy way to align thoughts and speech to feel even more empowered.

Module 5 – Believe in Yourself Again

💜 Why the people around you are a reflection of how confident you are and how to borrow from them when you need it.

💜 How to identify your innate gifts and abilities.

💜 What to do to cultivate and maintain authentic confidence.

💜 How to reinforce your confidence with decisive action…every day!

Module 6 – Navigate Changing Relationships

💜 What types of boundaries help you live in harmony with your core values.

💜 How to change the pattern of allowing behavior that no longer works for you.

💜 Why responding is better than reacting as you choose what new boundaries are necessary to move forward.

💜 How to set realistic expectations for others to coexist in your world.

Bonuses…Personalize your experience with these useful guides.

smart goals

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As a CDC® Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach on the sidelines, I’m here to support and cheer you on!

When you decide you’re ready to be personally guided by me on your healing journey, I’ll be waiting.

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