The following divorce podcast features are snippets into my story.

Divorce is a part of my story – not the whole story.

Podcast Feature #1

Stories of Divorce Resilience podcast with Sherry Smith

“In this episode, LaQuita shares how following her intuition after her divorce led her to move across the country, reclaim her identity, and heal her body from a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

LaQuita has a warm, soothing energy that the listener is sure to appreciate.

This episode is helpful for anyone who is considering making major life changes in their divorce recovery or is looking for inspiration on how making the mind/body connection can help in the healing process.”

Podcast Feature #2

Divorce Right podcast with Vicky Townsend.

Undoubtedly, managing Multiple Sclerosis and divorce was difficult. But, focusing at working with both was harder. In this episode, I reflect on what made it most challenging. Then I answer thought provoking questions:

What are some emotional impacts of divorce? How does it affect the workplace? How will emotional stress manifest itself in productivity? What can corporations do to mitigate or alleviate the impact? Finally, what benefit is there of Divorce Coaching for corporations?

Key Points:

Corporations are impacted financially by the emotional impact of divorce.

To mitigate the impact, corporations must raise their Corporate Emotional Intelligence (EI) S.C.O.R.E., providing a:

  • Safe environment 
  • Communication that supports the  
  • Organizational goals and 
  • Relationships… All be achieved by engaging the right 
  • Experts

Divorce Coaching is a win/win.