Foolish Love

Why do I feel the need to pick up the phone and call the person who’s hurting me the most right now? Why is a part of me still holding on to the hope that things will be normal again or maybe even better than before? Why am I putting myself through this? Have you asked yourself these questions?

You may be suffering from what I call a case of Foolish Love.

A fool is defined as “somebody considered to lack good sense or judgment; somebody considered to be or made to appear ridiculous.” Yet, love can be described in so many ways: to feel tender affection for somebody; feel desire for somebody; to like something very much; to show kindness to somebody; a passionate attraction and desire; romantic affair and so on…Maybe that’s the problem: depending on your upbringing, social status, culture, even your goals and expectations in life, what you feel is love may not be the same as your partner. In fact, you may be setting yourself up for heartache right from the beginning and not even know it.

So, how do we correct our behavior, reestablish our expectations, and prepare our hearts for love as we need and desire it? I choose to turn to the most reliable source I have come to know:

As I reflect on those words and their meaning, I can’t help but to look at myself. Are my expectations of what love is, how it will make me feel, and how I will express it to others, in line with how the Creator purposed it? Of course, my narrow-minded, self-concerned, emotion-filled heart is torn between what I would like to say and what I know is reality. Now, understand that in no way am I justifying or excusing the wrongs that have been committed against me or you. But, just being honest with myself, I need to do some homework. What about you? Only when we clear our minds and hearts of the tainted views that have convinced us to accept anything less than what real love is can we prepare our hearts to give and receive true love.

LaQuita “Sunshine” Davis


  1. I think the average person believes that about love..

    1. Thank you for reading. I believe so too.

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