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Coaching Pop-Ups

Your Breakthrough. Your Way.

Group Coaching Pop-Ups are a great way to obtain the benefits of life coaching in a specially cultivated environment designed to meet everyone’s needs.

Whether it’s a Corporate Meeting or Ladies Night, there’s a package designed for you.

How It Works:

  1. Select Your Package. 
  2. Choose a Date. 
  3. Provide Details. 
  4. Indicate Preferred Location. 
  5. Request Pop-Up. 

ART of Communication

Package 1 : A.R.T. of Communication

Do you have a sales team in need of better closing strategies? Would your diverse department benefit from speaking each other’s “language” more effectively? Are you a Leader or are you taking the lead? Which is more effective?

Communicating Well (with Emotional Intelligence) is the number one critical skill lacking among bosses. – Harris Poll and Inc.com

Notice the improved performance of all participants after the A.R.T of Communication coaching experience.

What’s Included?
  • 25 Minute Discourse.
  • Personalized Modality Assessments
  • 25 Minute “Get Social” Workshop
  • Workplace Communication Tips
  • 15 Minute Sales Strategy Workshop
  • 15 Minute “Chunk It Right” Workshop
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Awareness Trio Group Coaching

Package 2: Awareness Trio

Do you know the Three Areas of Self Awareness and how to make use of them?

While 95 percent of people think they are Self Aware, only FIFTEEN percent actually are. – Insight by Tasha Eurich

Self Awareness is not only recognizing your own emotions but also how they relate to your environment, others and your interaction with them.

The Awareness Trio Coaching Pop-Up will leave you feeling emotionally and mentally alert and fully present in every aspect of life.

What’s Included?
  • 30 Minute Discourse
  • Empowering Self Check-In Analysis
  • Personalized Modality Assessment
  • 25 Minute “Get Social” Workshop
  • 30 Day Follow Through Self Awareness Exercise
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Self Confidence Group Coaching

Package 3: The C.O.N. In Confidence

Are you naturally confident? Or is it environmentally driven? Is there a trick to unleashing Self Confidence on demand?

85 % of the world’s population are effected by low self-esteem. – The Self Esteem Book, Dr. Joe Robino

The C.O.N In Confidence is perfect for Ladies Night!

What’s Included?
  • 30 Minute Coaching
  • Personalized Confidence Boost Action Plan
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