Create the Life You Love

And just like that, the sun will start to shine on you.
You’ve been surviving but now it’s time for thriving

Are you tired of feeling stuck in feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion?

Do you want to stop living out of fear, obligation, or guilt? And, finally live a life that brings you joy, laughter, and peace?

Get Ready to Look Overwhelm, Setbacks, and Disappointment In The Face and Say “Let’s Do This!”

Moving forward through uncertainty is hard.

You take two steps forward and then you’re pulled backward by bouts of anxiety, fear, or sadness. Honestly, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. I know because I’ve walked more than a few miles in those shoes. So whether you’re overcoming a setback or simply looking for some guidance and support, I can help you be more resilient.

Ready to thrive and be at peace with yourself?

Until now, you’ve sabotaged your own happiness because you were too busy focusing on what was and not tapping into your

Personal Super Powers

that fuel tenacity, drive, and endurance.

It involves increasing your self-awareness, mindfulness, emotional insight, self-care, positive relationships & purpose.

You have a good idea of what you should do but no idea how to acknowledge, examine, identify, express, and adapt.

Fear of being changed through the challenge and comparing your coping skills to others is the “Kryptonite” of being…


Maybe you’ve tried to figure out what’s missing. But feel stuck between awareness and perspective.

Or, just when you think you have a better perspective, doubt sets in and you lose confidence and focus.

So instead you do nothing and grope in darkness for peace of mind or become paralyzed by overthinking.

Sometimes there’s a disconnect between what you say you want and what you do.

Other times you’re so confused and unable to even articulate your true feelings so you don’t know what you need to start feeling better.

And then there are those times when you look around at others who seem to be holding it all together and fall deeper into a hole of sadness because you don’t understand why they are doing so much better.

Any of this hitting the nail on the head?

If so, I feel your pain. I’ve been there so many times.

I know what it’s like to know you’re at a crossroads but unclear and afraid of where you’re going.

Here’s the good news: that feeling – of being stuck and on the cusp of a breakdown is the catalyst to Resilience.

Think about it.

Can you really have a bounce-back without a setback?

So really… you’re right where you need to be.

As a recovering Worrywart, I’m here to share my experiences ad specialized skills to help you feel more empowered and victorious.

It’s Your Time!

It goes without saying that we’ve faced some uncertain times over the past two years. And like most people, you’ve probably been frozen in fear and skepticism.

Have you vacillated between wanting things to return to normal and being ready to create a new and better life?

I’m here to tell you…

It’s Your Time. This is your Green Light.

To let the old door close on postponed realities and forgotten dreams. And, step through to new opportunities.

Now is the time to


Who will you become? What strengths can your past self reveal to you? How can you make decisions right now that will attract the opportunities your future self needs?

No matter what you’ve encountered in the past, you must decide to take a new approach, be open-minded, and gain new insights.

There is power in decision.

Now See Yourself Thriving

In this 6 Week Group Coaching Experience, I will help you develop a greater sense of self, clarity, confidence, and courage. You will create a vision for the future that aligns with your values and intention.

You will be inspired as you unlock the key to making the right decisions – decisions that make you attract what you want in life and repel unhealthy thought patterns

Feel the freedom as you take back your power, know your worth and create the life you deserve.

Apply Now…Invitation Only.

Here’s What You Get:

Each week you’ll join me and others just like you in an intimate virtual setting. This is a judgment-free zone, full of empathy, compassion, and supportive conversations on a specific topic as I guide you to create your own personalized roadmap to resilience:

  • Design your goals
  • Determine how you want to be accountable
  • Decide how you will monitor your progress
  • Choose what additional support and/or resources you might need.

As I coach, you’ll be inspired to experiment and have fun, along with other women, as you clarify your own personal values and vision for thriving.

Let me help you.
For six weeks, we will do experiential exercises, many directly from the work of Olympia LePointe’s book, “Answers Unleashed”, where we discover the SIX most powerful decisions you can make to thrive in the face of adversity and create the life you love. Aligning your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors is the most powerfully creative thing you can do.

We will also include practices such as creative writing, games, assessments, and NLP processes to clear old patterns and anchor your new desired reality.

We will approach everything from an imaginative, creative perspective introducing or reinforcing your own routines, rituals, and habits.

Let the SUPPORT of the group help you.
When women come together in an energy-enriching connection, the vibe that is created is priceless. Let yourself receive support.

Let YOU help you.
Your Authentic Self is there for you. Your Future Self will guide you ultimately and you will discover Her Voice, Her Guidance, Her Connection, Her Love.

You’ll gain a greater sense of self, purpose, and vitality as you pour into yourself, feel supported, learn strategies and follow the roadmap to resilience.

(6 private coaching sessions would be $1350)

Group Coaching Price $540 for 6 sessions

You also get TWO 1-HOUR, PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS (a $450 value) where you can boost your personal resilience roadmap plan or receive coaching in another area.

Each group is limited in size. Application and full payment are required to secure your place.

Next kickoff date to be determined. (Apply below for details.)

Order your own book, “Answers Unleashed II” by Olympia LePointe.

Ready for the first step?

Registration Details

Spaces are limited to 10 participants in order to maintain an intimate and beneficial setting. See details below for the application process.

My Coaching Style

I am a Resilience Coach specializing in NLP, Divorce, Transition, and Recovery as well as Chronic Illness. I believe in engaging the mind, body, spirit, and science for a whole-body, metamorphosis. Through introspection, creativity, personalized strengths assessments, and Time Line Therapy®, I have helped dozens of women take back their power and emerge from tragedy and overwhelm with clarity, confidence, and courage.

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