19 Sanity Hacks

Unexpected events can present a challenge to your mental and emotional health. Stay on top of creating a healthy environment with these rejuvenating and time boosting activities.

20 Resilient Mindset Daily Affirmations

Nothing changes unless you change. Your thoughts are the gateway to creating the life you desire. I recommend saying each of these affirmations daily to yourself as you look in the mirror.

Watch what happens!

21 Questions Self Coaching Guide

Questions – when asked the right way, at the right time – can be the catalyst to your growth.

Start here with this self coaching guide by answering these thought provoking, perception stretching, insightful questions.

40 Ways to Feel Better

Ready to feel beautiful Inside Out? Start by practicing self care with these quick and easy tips.


Confidence Boost Worksheet

What is something you could talk about for hours? It’s likely something you know like the back of your hand, as the saying goes. It’s so crystal clear in your mind that you could explain it, do it, and maybe even teach it with your eyes closed. 

Competency in a required skill improves your confidence.

The same is true of YOURSELF.

If you want to exude SELF CONFIDENCE you must get clear on who you are…NOW.

Guide to Manifesting With Journaling

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.” – Mina Murray  

When done the right way, journaling brings all of your thoughts and feelings from unconscious to conscious so that you can see how best to navigate on your journey to success.   In this 3-Step Guide learn how to:

  1. Identify mental barriers to achieving abundance
  2. Create a measuring tool for achieving your goals
  3. Encourage growth and momentum in your life.

Whether your goal is to be more organized around the house, complete a project or heal from a broken heart, these simple steps are going to transform your life.

smart goals

Programming Your Brain for Success

Do you find yourself repeatedly setting the same goal? Are you frustrated by feelings of failure or confusion?

Setting SMART Goals is only a third of what’s needed to create achievable outcomes.

Activate these quick and easy tips now for clarity as you work progressively towards achieving success.