Losing My Mind


I once dreamed of a field of purple lilies, smells of jasmine, the soft touch of a breeze in the wind, nestled in the arms of security, as the taste of innocence comforted me.

Frolicking and humming with the birds of paradise, I felt no hesitation to roam free.

For there was no recollection of sadness.
No experience of grief.

I was living.
Life was lovely.

Happiness and me were like two peas in a pod
Floating effortlessly down a stream of pure waters and a waterfall full of hope.

Life was good.
I rejoiced with satisfaction.

Unaware of what was to come…

The storm of untold tribulation.
Flashes of disappointment, one after another.
Thunderstorms, once soothing
Began to frighten me deeply.
For with it came dark clouds that overshadowed my optimistic views.

The rain flooded, flowers wilted
The smell of burnt opportunities
Took my breath away and choked my once joyful heart.

The arms that once protected me pushed me away.
And I could only taste the feelings of guilt
Happiness was replaced with sadness

I stood alone.
In a depressing field of hopelessness.

I ran with desperation to what was once a place of refuge.
But, it was now cold and uninviting.

Left with a devastating void
I was slowly drifting.

Numb to pain or pleasure.
Congested with anxiety and fear.
Deaf to the noise of encouragement.
Overwhelmed with the taste of bitterness.


About to lose my mind.

LaQuita Davis