Marriage Identity is how well you transition and thrive individually and as a married couple.

Merging families, social groups, and community is romantic and all.

But, you are more than just a wife or mother.

And you have an innate desire to be fulfilled. To nurture values, beliefs, interests, and hobbies. Because they allow for self-expression and inner peace.

Neglecting yourself leads to resentment.

How Losing Your Identity in Marriage Leads to Divorce

Disillusionment is the breakdown stage of marriage. You start questioning your thoughts, feelings and decisions. And a lot of people blame the other person. Or they can’t figure out how to be happy within the marriage. So, they decide to call it quits.

“We just fell out of love.”

But with whom is the question?

Unrealistic expectations, unresolved conflict or different communication styles put a strain on relationships.

And then there comes one or all of the strains on marriage:

  • Lack of confidence.
  • Inability to communicate your true feelings or feel heard.
  • Disillusionment or dissatisfaction with your partner.

Why Evaluate Your S.E.L.F.

How do you thrive in a relationship?

‘You must love your neighbor as yourself.’

Matthew 22:39


Your closest neighbor is your spouse. So, really loving yourself is closely connected.

How do you view yourself?

Your identity evolves as you take on new roles. And in order to feel happy and have a sense of accomplishment, it’s healthy to check in with yourself from time to time.

So when we work together, you will evaluate and elevate your S.E.L.F:
  • Strengths
  • Emotions
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Free to explore possibilities.

Let’s get started today.

Close the gaps between what’s working in your relationship and what can be changed or improved.

How Marriage Identity Coaching Helps You

If your marriage is strained and you’re in constant conflict but don’t know how to fix it…

Marriage Identity Coaching may be just what you need.

Learn the skills required to:

  • Overcome infidelity
  • Resolve in-law and blended family issues
  • Align communication
  • Navigate transition (new baby, empty nest, chronic illness)

When we work together I am committed to coaching you either individually or as a couple.

Don’t let the stress of a strained marriage devastate your life.

Let’s ignite intimacy and passion. And bring about a happy, healthy and whole marriage.

So if you’re thinking about divorce (or maybe your spouse is), start by getting clear on what isn’t working in your current relationship and how ready you are to embark on your new identity.

Maybe…just maybe – there’s work you can do to repair before calling it quits.

Why Coach Q?

Marriage Identity is something I’m passionate about. I work with mostly women who feel like they’ve lost their sense of identity in marriage.

I highly value the connection between personal development and successful relationships.

When we work together, you will be welcomed to a safe place – of empathy, insight and support – to take a look at the entire landscape of your situation and create a clear path to your 

As a Christian woman who questioned her faith during and after divorce, I can see clearly how to guide you to marital happiness and a renewed faith.

Through life experience, I’ve come to appreciate that Losing Your Identity in Your Role in Your Marriage Is a Key Cause of Divorce.

As an Ordained Minister, NLP Identity and Certified Divorce Coach, I combine scriptural principles with practical tips (e.g. Love Languages, Love Cycles, etc.), creativity, and strategies to help to improve communication and overall happiness within your marriage.