The Carrot, Egg, or Coffee Bean?


When I read the article about the egg, carrot, and coffee bean, I couldn’t help but reflect on how I view challenges in my life. Over the past five years, I’ve encountered quite a few obstacles: diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, the demise of an eleven year marriage, not to mention numerous deaths of loved ones, including my Dad. I didn’t always have the best attitude.

Often, I succumbed to the “woe is me” mentality. Other times I almost allowed bitterness to settle in. Even now, I know that I still have a fight ahead of me. But, I take courage in knowing that if I learn to make the best of my circumstances, rather than allowing them to get the best of me, I’ll come out victorious.

It’s actually stories like this that inspire me to help women share their story. At some point in our lives, we were either the egg, the carrot, or the coffee bean. It’s what makes us human; learning as time goes by how best to tackle the challenges we face. That’s what people need to hear.


Thankfully, when I was first diagnosed, I had more than just horror stories as a point of reference. While I knew of some in nursing homes due to progressive-relapsing MS, I also knew of public figures like Montel Williams and Tamia who help paint a more positive picture of an well-adjusted, enjoyable life.

But, what about those who, prior to their diagnosis, knew nothing about Multiple Sclerosis? Or, ones who only think of doom as they contemplate their future?

When we share our story, there is an interchange of encouragement. We give hope to others while we, too, are strengthened.

I hope you are beginning to feel the urge to share your story.

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LaQuita Davis